Jamaican Maroon Intellectual and Literary Symposium and Performance

Posted On October 5, 2016
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On September 8 in the Troy Moore Library Drs. Elizabeth West and Harcourt Fuller co-hosted an overflow audience for the English Dept, History Dept and CENCIA sponsored “Jamaican Maroon Intellectual and Literary Symposium and Performance.” During this 4-hour event faculty and students learned of and discussed Maroon culture and history through the prism of literary modes. Featuring the Jamaican Maroon Performers, The Granny Nanny Cultural Group, from Moore Town Maroon Settlement, the event included panels of scholars, authors and students, a viewing of the Jamaican League of Maroons app/comic series, and concluded with conversations over delightful Caribbean cuisine.


Student responses included the following:

” The maroons . . .  embodied the boldness that both H.H Garnet and David Walker speak of when they addressed the slaves in America. That spirit of freedom, love and strength was presented in the maroon’s performance with dance and song.  Also the graphic novel presentation is a strong and relevant way of the telling of this great history . . .  ”  Shaun Banks


“The Maroon Symposium performance was breathtaking. I specifically enjoyed the dance portion because it reminded me of the importance of sustaining your culture. ” Malik Gill


“The symposium on the Jamaican Maroons coupled with their performance were electrifying and moving from start to end. ” Ernest Akuei Madut


“The Jamaican Maroon performance displayed a rich culture that for so many years people have tried to destroy. Every hand clap, chant, and foot stomp commanded your attention: a true definition of artistic genius.” Jayde Spooner