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GSU/University of Northumbria Joint Exchange in British & American Cultures

Spend a year at Northumbria University in beautiful Newcastle!

There are now many exchange and study abroad programs to select from at GSU.  Our reciprocal exchange program in British and American Cultures for English and History majors was one of the first and remains unique. 

This program is aimed at English and History majors with two years left of their degree.  It offers a total immersion experience.  You will spend your first academic year in the program at the University of Northumbria, Newcastle, studying, living, and traveling with all the experiences of a British student.  You will return the second year, with a group of British students, and take a couple of seminars in British and American cultures, one in Fall and one in Spring, completing, for the English majors, a concentration in “British and American Cultures.”

The benefits of this program are enormous.  The complete immersion into British and European cultures that an entire school year living, studying, and traveling allows will change your perspective on yourself and the world around you—see testimonials from returned students included on this site.  Graduating with a concentration in British and American Cultures also gives your degree an edge over the many hundreds of other majors across the country every year.

While you are in Newcastle you will live in your choice of student accommodation and take electives from the School of Humanities in addition to a couple of required cultures seminars that provide the academic basis for your program.  The reciprocal nature of the exchange means that you pay GSU fees and tuition for your year at UNN; HOPE, loans, and other scholarships continue as they would as if you were here.  Your year of study in Newcastle will involve field trips to such wonderful sites as Hadrian’s Wall and Durham Cathedral (resting place of the Venerable Bede and location for Harry Potter scenes).

For information, please contact the program coordinator: Dr. Tanya Caldwell (404-413-5837;

Deadline for application for entry in Fall is the preceding March 15.

Participant Reflections

When I began looking for jobs, I noticed a repeated question that came up  during interviews - are you able to work with a diverse population?  I love this question because I always respond with my experiences from the exchange program.  There is no doubt that living abroad shaped me into the person I am today.

Though it may not seem far away, moving to England was a big step for me when I was 20 and it seriously changed my life. It increased my understanding of the world and introduced me to how things happen outside America.

The opportunity to live and study in another country has the potential to change your view of the world, yourself, and the place you call home. Well at least, that is what it did for me.  Now, I have an extended family that reaches all over the globe. 

Florence… Paris… Tokyo…. Where did I want to go?  As a History major, I had a lot of options.  However, as I looked more in depth to the programs, most of them were for only a month or two during the summer, and I would be surrounded by my American classmates in a little English-speaking pod.  To me, that was a long vacation.  I didn’t want a long vacation…. I wanted the full experience of living outside the United States.  I wanted to be one of them.  My choices clearly led me to the Northumbria Exchange Program.  One year to be introduced to England… then another year to introduce my new friends to America.

I will forever be thankful to Georgia State University for allowing me the opportunity to go on such an incredible program, and I will always, always urge people to go. The value of having a full-year program is incredible; I felt that after one semester I was only beginning to adjust to life in another country and that the second semester of living abroad was really when the city and its really swept me off my feet. And there's nothing quite like walking alongside the river Tyne when the flowers start to bloom!