Posted On May 15, 2014
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We are busy planning an academic year that will help you succeed! Stay tuned for updates about who and where your academic advisors will be for each month!

Robert Brennan, Class of 2014

Posted On May 15, 2014
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Among the hundreds of undergraduates who will receive their degrees on May 10, there is one English major whose journey to his degree has been a long one and given him a lifetime of stories to tell. Robert Brennan is eighty-five years old and will be receiving his BA in English. Bob is a decorated… more »

Nicholas Goodly

Posted On May 10, 2014

What is your concentration? My concentration is Creative Writing–Poetry.

Why are you majoring in English? I majored in English because I had a passion for writing and wanted to be in an environment where new literature and techniques expand and challenge my approach for making art. I also knew that a degree in English would… more »