Leigh Metcalf (nee Schneider)

Posted On October 29, 2015
Categories Profiles in English
Concentration: Literary Studies
Why did you major in English? 
Initially, I chose to major in English because I felt more inspired during my English classes than any others. This inspiration stemmed from a combination of great professors and the realization that so much of what makes life both challenging and wonderful is so often reflected in literature. And what better subject to study than one that helps you better understand your relationships, your purpose, and your place in the world in general?
What was your favorite English class?
It’s difficult to choose a favorite English class, but if I had to pick one, it might be 17th-Century Verse with Dr. Dobranski. It was always fascinating to me to discover how intricate poems could be and how much could be interpreted, revealed, and also learned in such brevity of words.
What are some of your current projects or activities? 
When I’m not trying to keep up with my two young, energetic daughters, I enjoy writing about shops and craftspeople for a few lifestyle magazines. I recently published my first book, London Stitch and Knit, a guide to London’s fabric knitting and haberdashery shops. I’m happy I’ve had the opportunity to combine my creative interests with valuable skills from my English degree at GSU.
What long-term plans or aspirations do you have for your career?
I hope to continue to write about places and people I’m passionate about. I aspire to write another book focusing on creative shops or individuals who make unique handmade creations.