Christopher Copley

Posted On January 19, 2016
Categories Profiles in English

What is your concentration?

I am an English major with a concentration in Literary Studies and a minor in Religious Studies.

Why are you majoring in English?

I chose English Literature because of the profound impact that reading literature and poetry has had on the way that I view myself and my place in the world around me.

What was your favorite English class at Georgia State (so far)?

My favorite class so far has been Hamlet with Dr. Hirsh, not only because it helped me to gain a deeper understanding of the play and its impact on other literature, but also because of Dr. Hirsh’s dedication to helping his students become better thinkers and writers.

What are some of your extra-curricular projects or activities?

Aside from working and going to school, I very much enjoy being a husband and father, and have an interest in the way that religious identity is questioned and explored through contemporary music.

What long-term plans or aspirations do you have for your career?

Some long-term plans that I have for my career include books on T. S. Eliot’s religious journey and Emily Dickinson’s radical theology, a blog about the literary merits of contemporary musical expression, and a podcast discussing the intersection faith and culture.