Allison Gunn

Posted On February 17, 2016
Categories Profiles in English

What is your concentration?

Rhetoric and Composition


Why are you majoring in English?

After 20 years as a chef and leader in the service industry, I had the opportunity to return to school. No longer believing that there are no real-world applications for my skills as a writer and communicator, I changed majors to English and returned to college after two previously unsuccessful attempts. I decided that, if I was going to back to school, it was going to be on my terms.


What was your favorite English class at Georgia State (so far)?

My favorite English class was Dr. Caison’s ENGL 3880 Nonfiction Southern Studies Class. Although I had an identity crisis about what it means to be a southerner in the middle of the semester, I definitely learned a lot about myself and creating a new South.


What are some of your extra-curricular projects or activities?

I work as a senior caregiver, and I am heavily involved in service work. Currently, I am helping to plan a regional three-day convention being held the first weekend in March here in Atlanta. I support the animal rescue organization LifeLine by fostering homeless dogs awaiting transport to other parts of the country. I am also a devotee of Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati, and I try and practice daily meditation, mantra, and breath work. 


What long-term plans or aspirations do you have for your career?

I want to provide a voice for traditionally marginalized groups like the elderly and animals, and I have found a direct application for the skills that I have honed in my rhetoric and composition classes. I believe that there is an emerging field in multimodal communication that can give voice to the evolution of our cultural dialectic, and I want to be a part of the new rhetorical conversation.