Monica Johnson

Posted On February 17, 2017
Categories Profiles in English

What was your concentration? 


Rhetoric and Composition


Why did you major in English?


I love to read. That is the whole reason I became an English major. I sort of happened into the Rhet-Comp program without knowing what I was getting involved in. I didn’t realize how much I would come to love the program and how my confidence would increase as I learned. I can’t imagine being anywhere else now.


What was your favorite English class at Georgia State?


This is a really challenging question. I took a wide array of classes that influenced my work and refined my skills in different ways. Forced to pick one, though, I would choose Twentieth-Century Composition: History, Theory, and Practice. Taken my first semester at GSU, this class was my introduction to theory, and my professor challenged my writing in a way that made it better. She taught me to have confidence in my work, which has been pivotal to my success since.


What are some of your extra-curricular projects or activities?


I worked and raised a child while in school, which left little time for extracurricular activities. However, I interned with Five Points, attended a GSU Leadership Conference, joined the English Department Ambassadors, and gained admission to several honors societies.


What are you doing now, and what long-term plans or aspirations do you have for your career?


Currently, I intern with The Carter Center working in International Development. I would like to move forward using my writing skills in development and fundraising to effect positive change in the world. This summer I will be moving to Beijing for a year!