New SLI issue: Ernest J. Gaines

Posted On September 28, 2017
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SLI’s new issue: New Criticisms on the Works of Ernest J. Gaines: Man of Letters (Vol. 49.1, contributing ed. Lillie Anne Brown). This essay collection examines selected Gaines texts and narratives in exploration of ways in which the community, as the site for social change, helps define notions of manhood and womanhood, contributes to the social construct of black male identity, and serves as the backdrop of cultural, generational, and political consciousness. While Gaines’s body of work articulates the social, political, and economic position of society’s most vulnerable citizens—the poor, voiceless, disenfranchised, and invisible—it also gives rise to the transformative powers of the written word as his narratives speak truth to power. From the author’s youthful days on the Point Coupée Plantation in Oscar, Louisiana, to his adult years in California and to his eventual return to the plantation, his affection for the land, its people, and their stories has not diminished.

SLI 49.1 front cover image of Mount Zion Baptist Church, Point Coupee Plantation, Oscar, Louisiana, by Lillie Anne Brown, 2006. Used by permission.