Kurt Forbes

Posted On March 22, 2018
Categories Profiles in English

What is your concentration?

My concentration is Creative Writing, specifically fiction.

Why did you major in English?

I was fortunate enough to have chosen my major based entirely on what I enjoy. I have always been fascinated by the simplicity of pencil and paper and the creations that have spawned from writers and artists alike. Beyond my enjoyment of literature and composition, I knew from dabbling with the art that writing is easy, but I soon learned from reading my favorite authors that writing well is hard. So, when I reached the point in my undergraduate program that a major had to be chosen, I chose English so that I could surround myself with a pleasure and improve my writing ability.

What was your favorite English class at Georgia State?

I have been quite fortunate in the English classes that I’ve taken at Georgia State University, and those classes were made enjoyable due to the professors teaching them. If I had to choose a single class, though, it would be Introduction to Creative Writing with Professor Dan Marshall. This was my first class to move away from the structured essay and focus on world-building, character development, and plot. It was also the first time that I made a sincere effort to complete a story, rather than toying with ideas and scenes. It was especially helpful in understanding what was important to me as a writer and how concise writing could take a work much farther than overly descriptive writing. All of which were easy to grasp with Professor Marshall’s tutelage, as he is keen on highlighting the individual student’s strengths and engaging in dialogue about various methods.

What are some of your extra-curricular projects or activities?

Some of my extra-curricular activities include my position as Treasurer for the fantastic group of Sigma Tau Delta English Honors Society. Anyone who has interest in writing or community should consider joining. Another of my activities is my position as an adviser with the P.A.V.E. Program run by the Military Outreach Center. I have also been fortunate enough to contribute as an English Department Ambassador – an excellent effort by the English Department to hear the voices of its students. And lastly, though my stint was short due to scheduling conflicts, I had the pleasure of working with the university’s Rugby Club during its early stages; it is a great way to burn some calories and meet other students.

What long-term plans or aspirations do you have for your career?

Currently, I’m preparing for graduation as this is my last semester. As a part of my preparation, I’ve attended many of the campus’s career fairs and completed a career readiness program. Both have been eye-opening for the nuances of the job hunt and for improving my qualities as a prospective job candidate. Although these experiences have been integral to my growth, I would ideally like to continue my education at Georgia State University as a graduate student in the College of Education’s ESOL Program (English to Speakers of Other Languages). I have a great interest in community service, and I would enjoy being surrounded by literature and composition, as I improve upon my passion and share it with those around me.