Bruce Lampros

Posted On August 28, 2018
Categories Profiles in English

What was your concentration?

I was a Creative Writing major, with a dual degree in Film/Communications.

Why did you major in English?

After taking Introduction to American Literature with Laurah Norton, I was enamored with not only the study of English, but also the ways in which that study is a vector for looking at culture as a whole.

What was your favorite English class at Georgia State?

By far my favorite class was one I took on a whim: Dr. Caison’s Field School on Cherokee Literature. I fell in love with American Literature early on, and being from the South, I especially enjoy Southern American Literature. After taking Dr. Caison’s Southern Literature class my senior year, my views on what was “American” and/or “Southern” literature widened immensely. In the field school, we spent a week on campus learning about the history of the Cherokee People, then went to work in-residence in Calhoun, Georgia, to help re-write a guided audio tour of the New Echota Historical site.
The two weeks we spent in Calhoun changed my life. I learned more in that 20-day course than I have in entire semesters, and the service-orientation of the class project gave me a broader sense of purpose. I took this course as my “senior trip,” in lieu of going to Italy or Japan, and I ended up learning about the history in my own backyard that had been there all along.

What were some of your extra-curricular projects or activities?

I worked with Laurah Norton as a Research Assistant for the ENGL 1103 Digital Literacy Initiatives. We got to play around with English in contemporary applicable formats. We wrote blogs, made videos, wrote and recorded podcasts, and made memes to explore digital technologies. I also interned at ART PAPERS magazine, based out of Little Five Points. I got hands-on experience with an internationally renowned art magazine and wrote cultural criticism. It was truly a dream job.

What are you doing now, and what long-term plans or aspirations do you have for your career?

I’m currently working at Facebook’s office in Washington, D.C., as a research extern to the Public Policy team. Long-term, I hope to go to law school and grad school to study New Media and its utility for helping marginalized communities.