English Department Student Awards 2019-2020

Posted On April 29, 2020
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Congratulations to all of our nominees and award winners for the 2019-2020 academic year!

The English Department is unable to hold our spring open house and awards ceremony to honor our students  for their writing and scholarship. (Award winners will receive their certificates at a later date.)

Essay Awards

Each year, English Department faculty serving on the Awards Committee conduct a blind review of top essays, nominated by department instructors and professors, from courses at all levels. Here are the award-winning essayists from 2019-2020:

Alyann Jiwani

Bert H. Flanders Freshman Award

(Nominated by Dan Holmes)

Grace Dalton

Dabney A. Hart Sophomore Award

(Nominated by David St. John)

Flannery McAleer

Upper-Division Writing Award

(Nominated by Greg Emilio and Dr. LeeAnne Richardson)

Alan Swirsky

Graduate Writing Award

(Nominated by Dr. Audrey Goodman)

Pratt Scholarships

The Eleanor M. Pratt Endowment for English Majors honors the legacy of Eleanor Mary Pratt, who had a deep love of literature, the English language, and the fine arts. Each year, the English Department awards scholarships to students for whom the study or writing or literature has made a significant impact. Candidates are nominated by faculty and nominations are reviewed by the English Department’s Undergraduate Committee. This year, we’re pleased to offer two scholarships to exceptional junior/senior English majors and one scholarship to a freshman/sophomore major. The Pratt award recipients for 2019-20:

Margaret Geeslin, Pratt Scholarship—Freshman/Sophomore Level

(Nominated by Dr. Matt Dischinger)

Fariha Hossain, Pratt Scholarship—Junior/Senior Level

(Nominated by Dr. Randy Malamud)

Victor Sledge, Pratt Scholarship—Junior/Senior Level

(Nominated by Dr. Renee Schatteman)

Routh Award

The James E. Routh Outstanding English Major is the most prestigious award given to an English major each year. To determine the Routh Award recipient, the Awards Committee reviews a list of advanced majors with outstanding academic records and then solicits advice from instructors and professors across the department. In 2020, that nomination process generated a truly impressive shortlist of candidates representing some of the department’s most accomplished majors.

Finalists for the 2020 Routh Award included Fenn Conner, described by Marilynn Richtarik as “an extremely insightful reader and terrific writer”; Saisha Gupta, whose prose Malinda Snow calls “fluent and confident”; Cassidy Hayes, whose exquisite curation project in Eddie Christie’s Old English course (photos available) reflected her “enthusiasm, curiosity, and maturity”; Flannery McAleer, whom Dr. Richtarik, among others, describes as “a sensitive reader and excellent writer”; Fletcher Varnson, whose “intelligent, thoughtful, sweet-natured, kind, clever, and funny” work in Dr. Schmidt’s courses routinely inspired classmates; William Vonk, whose contributions in Beth Gylys’s poetry seminar consistently “raised the level of the intellectual discourse in that class”; and Nafez Zohbi, described by Dr. Randy Malamud as uncommonly “rhetorically precise and incisive” in both written work and discussion.

The recipient of this year’s Routh Award is Ariannah Kubli. Joined by several colleagues, Dr. Stephen Dobranksi describes her as “hard-working, motivated, and whip-smart”; Dr. Richtarik, Dr. Malamud and Dr. LeeAnne Richardson, recommend her original readings of literary works, polished essays, and the example she sets as “an excellent departmental citizen.” After she graduates, Ariannah begins a doctoral program at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in Fall 2020.

Robert V. Morea III Poetry Prize

Thanks to a generous donation from Kathy Kincer, a poet and GSU PhD alumna who established the Robert V. Morea III Poetry Prize to honor her late son Bobby, the Georgia State University Creative Writing Program participates in the Academy of American Poets College & University Prize Program. This year’s prizewinning poem, chosen by poet Julie Bloemeke, was written by Caroline Crew.

Paul Bowles Graduate Student Fellowship in Fiction Writing

In honor of the novelist, composer, and translator Paul Bowles, the English Department acknowledges outstanding work by an M.F.A or Ph.D. student specializing in fiction writing. This year’s recipient is Lindsey Baker.

Virginia Spencer Carr Graduate Fellowship in Prose Writing

In honor of the great literary biographer and GSU professor Virginia Spencer Carr, the English Department offers two fellowships to outstanding prose writers. This year’s recipients, chosen by the Creative Writing Faculty, are Cora Rowe and Wanjiku Ngugi.

Wade Family Endowment Award

Established by GSU alums Rodney D. Wade (B.A. in English Literature) and Randy A. Wade (B.A. in Political Science), the Wade Family Endowment to provide support for students in the departments of English and Political Science. This year’s recipients are Carlye Anne Schock and Sarah Bramblett.

Frantz Fanon Book Award

Thanks to an anonymous donor, the English Department awards five annual scholarships designed to support the purchase of books for the following year. The award honors the spirit and legacy of Frantz Fanon—a writer, philosopher, and revolutionary whose work continues to shape contemporary studies in literature, culture, and politics. The scholarship celebrates Georgia State University’s students of African-American origin, but students of all ethnicities are invited to apply. This year’s recipients are Fariha Hossain, Richard Anthony Perry, Jr., Dylan Robert Herzog, Sydney Briscoe-Curtis, and Safiya Elena Christine Miller.