Congratulations to the Winners of the Eleanor M. Pratt Scholarships

Posted On April 30, 2020
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Maggie Geeslin, recipient of the Eleanor M. Pratt Scholarship (freshman & sophomore level).

Maggie writes: I am currently working on recording an album with my band, Lunar Vacation, and writing a screenplay with a friend from Vancouver (two things I have never tried before)! In the near future, I hope to graduate, sit on lots of porches in lots of different places, and perhaps finally learn how to whistle.

Victor Sledge, one of the recipients of the Eleanor M. Pratt Scholarship (junior & senior level)

Victor Sledge is a senior graduating this December. Outside of pursuing graduate school options, he is currently working on his Honors Thesis which explores representation of Black people in literature and film.

Fariha Hossain, one of the recipients of the Eleanor M. Pratt Scholarship (junior & senior level).

Fariha writes: By the time I graduate in Fall 2020, I will have completed my honors thesis with the guidance of my faculty mentor, Dr. Kocela! I am intrigued by Lacan and Kristeva’s psychoanalytic approaches; as such, those are primarily the literary theories I employ in my research. In the past, I have served as a student editor for Muse/A Journal and student editorial assistant for The Chattahoochee Review. I will also shadow under an Atlanta-based injury lawyer soon! I am applying to law school this November—equipped with my BA in English (literature concentration) and a philosophy minor, I hope to practice either immigration or health law.