College to Career Initiative

In preparation for Georgia State University’s QEP: College to Career: Career Readiness through Everyday Competencies, the Department of English intends to pilot college to career instruction in select courses during the Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 semesters.

Career planning is central to the efforts of all our courses. Faculty in our department are dedicated to helping students connect the skills they learn in our courses to those most needed in the workforce. In fact, many of the skills we highlight below are the same skills naturally enhanced by our curriculum and pedagogical approach. Our pilot study will focus achieving already robust student learning objectives by using carefully curated course designs, which include an emphasis on one of five designated career aptitudes and their associated transferrable soft skills:

Advanced Argumentation — Collaboration/Teamwork, Problem Solving, Action Plan and Implementation, Organization, Leadership, Adaptability, Conflict Resolution, and Audience/Market Analysis

Communication — Computer and Technical Literacy, Oral and Written Communication, Communication for a Mass Audience, Presentation, Activism, Storytelling and Narrative Analysis, Audio and Video Production, Podcast Management, and Multimodal Expression

Advanced Research — Analysis, Critical Thinking, Archival and Academic Research, Persuasion, Critical Observation, Data Mining, Data Analysis, Grant Proposal Research and Writing, Data Visualization, and User Experience Research

Teaching and Pedagogical Design — *Early admissions to TEEMS program, Leadership, Organization, Time Management, Advising, Outcome Development and Assessment, Critical Literacy, and Course Design.

Editing and Publishing — Written Communication, Negotiation and Persuasion, Creative Design, Copyediting, Design and Layout, Publishing Formats, and Technical/Program Literacy


The pilot study features a selection of courses in all four concentrations: Rhetoric and Composition, Literary Studies, Creative Writing, and Secondary Education. Selected courses will be tagged with one of the above career aptitudes. Faculty designing these courses will create opportunities for students to learn the course subject matter by expressing their engagement and understanding through career readiness assignments.

If you would like to pilot a course for Fall 2018 or Spring 2019, please send in a career-readiness syllabus, revised outcomes (standard course outcomes with the career readiness outcome included), career skills assignments, and proposed assessment procedure. You can send this information Angela Christie at


The Department of English will assess the work of faculty and feedback of students during the Summer 2019 semester before rolling out a full-scale program in Fall 2019. If you are interested in being part of the assessment team during Summer 2019, please contact Angela Christie.

Final implementation of the Department’s College to Career plan will also include opportunities to develop competency through a cluster of career-intensive courses.