Welcome to GSU’s Northumbrian Undergraduate Exchange Program

There are now many exchange and study abroad programs to select from at GSU. Our reciprocal exchange program in British and American Cultures for English and History majors was one of the first and remains unique.

Study abroad for a year on GSU tuition in beautiful Newcastle, England


For Information

For information, please contact the program coordinator: Dr. Tanya Caldwell (404-413-5837; tmcaldwell@gsu.edu)


• I went directly into a job with a multi-national communications firm after university. The Northumbria program was perhaps the most significant factor that led… more »

A sampling of graduate schools and post-degree programs that exchange program alumni/ae have been accepted into:

Teach for America
Peace Corps
Carter Center
Yale Law School
Northern Illinois University Law School
University of Northumbria (MA & PhD)
University of Newcastle (MA & PhD)
Georgia State University (MA)
University of Pennsylvania
University College, London
King’s College, London
American University’s School of International Service
Australian National University
National University of Ireland, Galway
Bjorknes College
University of Toronto
University of Georgia
Valdosta State University