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Janet Gabler-Hover

Emeritus, Professor

Ph.D., Ohio State University, 1982


19th-Century American Literature


Professor Gabler-Hover’s teaching and research interests are 19th -century American literature and feminist theory.  Her first book Truth in American Fiction (1990) examined the influence of classical rhetoric (Hugh Blair, George Campbell) and modern rhetoric (Jacque Derrida’s debate against Plato’s Phaedrus) on Charles Brockden Brown, Herman Melville, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Samuel Clemens, and Henry James. Her second book Dreaming Black/Writing White: Hagar in American Culture and Literature  (2000) offers evidence that some 19th–century Anglo-American women writers appropriated Black female identity metaphorically for white female empowerment and at the cost of Black female identity, something answered directly by late 19th-century African American writer Pauline Elizabeth Hopkins in Hagar’s Daughter.

Gabler-Hover edited a special issue of American Periodicals in 2002 that combined her interest in periodical research with her mentoring of graduate students in her classroom and in the classrooms of colleagues teaching periodical literature.  The issue included work by students and philosophies on how to teach periodical research.

Gabler-Hover co-edited American History Through Literature 1820-1870 (3 vols. Thomson/Scribner 2006) with her colleague Robert Sattelmeyer. These volumes include literary-historical essays by top scholars on works and social topics of the period.


Truth  GablerHoverBook2  GablerHoverBook1

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of  the Year Award, Fall 2001. (Winner of the SAMLA Book of the Year Award 2000.)

Truth in American Fiction:  The Legacy of Rhetorical Idealism. Athens: University of
Georgia Press, 1990.


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Other Edited Collections

American Periodicals:  Special Issue:  Periodical Research in the American Classroom 12: 2002, i-226.
Guest Edited and contributions solicited by Janet Gabler-Hover. Issue 12:2002.