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Stephanie Hassan Richardson


PhD, University at Albany, New York


Rhetoric and Composition
Cultural Rhetorics
Culturally Sustaining Pedagogies
Critical Consciousness
Writing Assessment


Stephanie Hassan Richardson explores ways in which communicative strategies across cultures inform composing practices. She also interrogates Composition pedagogy as a site for deconstructing potentially unjust and ineffective assessment practices, particularly as they apply to culturally marginalized and/or otherwise disenfranchised communities. Her primary goal as an educator and scholar is to contribute to more just and equitable pedagogical strategies while helping students develop a stronger sense of voice.
Dr. Hassan Richardson is currently revising an article speaking to ways in which consideration of students’ cultural rhetorics could positively impact the Composition curriculum, assessment practices, and students’ rhetorical versatility. She has presented on these topics at Michigan State’s Biennial Cultural Rhetorics consortium,  NCTE, and CCCC.
Dr. Hassan Richardson has taught courses in Learning Support, First Year Composition, Cultural Rhetorics, as well as Writing in English Studies, Writing in the Humanities, and Writing in the Social Sciences. She is also excited about teaching Honors courses and implementing training she has completed in implementing effective Online and Civic Engagement strategies.