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Tanya Caldwell


Ph.D., University of Toronto


Restoration Literature & Eighteenth-Century British Literature, Drama, Memoir & Auto/Biography


Dr. Caldwell teaches courses in late seventeenth- and eighteenth-century literature. She is particularly interested in the drama and poetry of this period.   Using feedback from her fine graduate students, she completed for Broadview Press an anthology of popular plays by women in the late seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. She is also interested in life writing (autobiography, biography, and memoirs) and regularly offers a graduate course called “Memory and Writing: Auto/Biography and Memoir.”  She enjoys teaching a wide variety of undergraduate courses. She recently taught one of the COAS pilot Spring Break courses, “Literary Dublin.” The great work of the students can be seen here:

Dr. Caldwell’s research focused for a long time on Dryden and the classics in translation.  She has now shifted her attention more fully to drama and life writing, in particular the late-eighteenth-century playwright Hannah Cowley.  She is currently working on a critical biography of Cowley (1743-1809) as well as articles on the concept of self in the eighteenth century and on translation. Her newest work highlights the importance of Hannah Cowley as playwright and astute business woman in the late eighteenth-century and provides a glimpse of the biography underway.

Dr. Caldwell is also passionate about the international programs in the COAS. She coordinates the highly successful exchange program for English and History majors with the University of Northumbria, Newcastle.  Please see this link:


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