Sindiwe Magona

This on-line bibliography is devoted to the works of Sindiwe Magona, an award-winning author from South Africa who has written novels, short story collections, autobiographies and biographies, stage plays, radio plays, a screenplay, a book of poetry, and over 100 children’s books. One of her works, Living, Loving, and Lying Awake at Night (published in 1991), was included in the list of Africa’s 100 Best Books of the Twentieth Century that was generated through an initiative at the 1998 Zimbabwe International Book Fair in Harare. Magona writes in both English and Xhosa and translates for various media, including film. She has gained increasing attention for her keen insights into women’s experiences in South Africa, both during apartheid and in the twenty years since independence, and has received her numerous accolades for her efforts; most notably, in 2011, President Jacob Zuma conferred her with the Order of iKhamang in Bronze— the highest possible award given in the country— in recognition of her literary and humanitarian contributions. This bibliography offers a comprehensive listing of primary and secondary writings related to Magona’s oeuvre which are written in English; as such, it is intended to serve as a useful resource for scholars and readers interested in learning more about this prolific and important writer.