Troy Moore Library

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Dedicated to Troy Moore for GSU Students and Alumni

Formerly designated as a “Graduate Student Lounge” and used mainly as a space for occasional lectures and colloquia, the library was dedicated in memory of Orbun Troy Moore III on October 2, 1996. Troy Moore graduated from Georgia State University in 1994 with a degree in English literature. Just before the graduation ceremony, Troy was killed in an automobile accident, and his degree was awarded posthumously.

Mrs. Katherine Moore, Troy’s mother and a Georgia State alumna, offered to establish a library in his memory and in honor of his love of books and learning. The initial collection was raised by the Moore family, faculty, and students. The Moores’ endowment was used to refurbish the space appropriately and for the purchase of adequate furniture and books. It was decided that, as a library, the space should continue to be open to campus-wide special events such as colloquia and lectures.

The Troy Moore Library is located: room 2343, 25 Park Place NE, Atlanta, GA 30303

All contributions, especially books, are always welcome. Any donations are either directly added to the collection or they go towards fund-raisers to finance the maintenance of the space, additions to the collection, and staffing. Potential donors may contact the English Department by email or by phone: 404-413-5800. Contributions may also be mailed to the Department at the following address:

Department of English
P.O. Box 3970
Atlanta, GA 30302-3970