Undergraduate Internships

We have wonderful opportunities for interns to use the skills they learn in our classes out in the world at large. Dr. Melissa McLeod place students at a range of schools and workplaces such as:

  • The Eudora Welty Review
  • Atlanta Magazine
  • Creative Loafing
  • Jim Ellis Automotive Group
  • The Administrative Office of the Courts of Georgia
  • The Times-Georgian newspaper group
  • Ronald E. McNair Scholars Summer Program
  • GSU marketing for sports programs
  • Score Atlanta
  • Atlanta Home Improvement magazine
  • Red Dirt Publishers
  • About Words agency
  • Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Atlanta website
  • The Bert Show (news talk radio)
  • The Human Rights Campaign
  • Showkase Entertainment
  • Inclusif Fitness
  • Eagles Landing Christian Acacdemy
  • Douglas County High School
  • Peachtree Ridge High School
  • International Community School
  • Decatur High School
  • The Greenfield Hebrew Academy
  • Chattahoochee High School

Our students routinely make a good impression on the mentors who oversee their work at the work places.  One wrote of her intern, “We have been thoroughly impressed with her writing abilities and creativity.”  Another wrote that his intern “was diligent and dependable throughout the semester.”  And another: “She brought a sense of serious inquiry and scholarly dedication to editing tasks.”  Another: “she was self-motivated and very enthusiastic.”  Another: “She settled into the internship easily and quickly learned how to perform the tasks expected of her.”

The students at Creative Loafing and Atlanta Magazine worked with food editors—and one of those students thinks he’s lined up a full-time job using his connections established at the internship.  The ones in our publications’ offices are usually learning how to screen incoming submissions as well as how to edit accepted articles.  One mentor wrote, “We explored ways to collaborate on document editing using tablets and other electronic devices, which was educational for both of us.”  The student at Jim Ellis, according to her mentor, “was able to quickly adapt herself to the use of car language”—probably not something anyone teaches in the technical writing course.

Students who intern in schools find their experiences invaluable. They report that being in classrooms, helping create lesson plans, and working with students provides them with real-world experiences that will help prepare them for their future teaching careers. Additionally, interning gives students an edge for admission to graduate teaching programs.

Internship Syllabus
Internship Proposal
Internship Fact Sheet

For specific questions, please email  Melissa McLeod.